eek-o | Natural Pest Control Solutions for the Healthy Modern Home
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eek‑o's modern, disposable, and fully recyclable traps for the kitchen-capture of moths and fruit flies keep these tiny uninvited guests from invading your home and making a mess of YOUR beautiful kitchen.

With eek‑o's non-toxic trap solutions, it's easy to keep your family pest AND poison free without cluttering up your home with unattractive and sometimes dangerous products.

In no time at all, your eek‑o traps will be set up and ready to start collecting all the pesky moths and fruit flies hiding out in your home.

Our Story

At eek-o we love good design. When it comes to OUR homes, no detail goes amiss. Every chair, appliance, fabric, knob, material, and color is carefully chosen to make the environment we live in work and feel just the way we like it.

Like everyone, we encounter the odd bug wandering into our homes uninvited. And this is where we ran into trouble. The products on offer to manage pests at home are often toxic and always unsightly.

As architects, industrial and graphic designers, we couldn’t believe the lack of quality well designed, healthy pest control products on the market and realized it was a problem begging to be solved. We took up the challenge, and eek-o is the result.

One by one, we are redesigning the home pest control products we all need. With each new product we manufacture, our goal is to achieve the highest standard of quality and design, solving our customer's pest control problems without the use of harmful chemicals.

With our product range growing, for the first time, you can now find excellent pest control products that are safe for use around family and friends (including your furry ones), and that fits perfectly into your stylish home.

We are delighted to share with your family the eek-o products that our family uses every day at home.

The eek-o Team

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