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It is easy to lure fruit flies with your own inexpensive, homemade bait. In fact, the reason they're in your kitchen in the first place is that there is something there they like. But not everyone wants to take the time to cobble together a homemade trap. They are unsightly, time-consuming, and a pain to clean up.

eek-o for fruit flies solves these problems with a disposable design that's easy to set up, looks great in any modern kitchen, and can be recycled. The only question is, what package quantity is right for you, the single-pack or five-pack? Do you have a minor fruit fly problem, or do fruit flies tend to hang around when it's warm outside, and the fruit bowl is full?

Better to have a few traps in reserve so you can take care of a problem before it gets out of control.

Psst, here's a pro tip to consider while you shop. The five-pack saves you 50%. Catch more flies for less!

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