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The Bait: What if I don't have a banana?

Any Fruit the Fruit Flies Like Will Do

Fruit flies probably came into your house because of something they like, usually it’s a piece of fruit. If you can identify what the fruit is that should work great as the bait. But if you can’t figure out what your fruit flies are after, banana is the best catch-all fruit. And most houses have one or two bananas lying about so they are convenient to use.

Try Using Apple Cider Vinegar Instead

Another bait option is the tried-and-true apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish washing soap. With this option your flies will quickly expire in the sweet smelling liquid. If you are looking to terminate your flies quickly this is the way to go.

My eek-o is not working. What should I do?

“My eek-o is not collecting any flies”

It can take up to a day for flies to find eek-o and go inside. It’s nature, so therefore not entirely predictable. But you should start to collect some flies after about 24 hours.

“Its been a day, but still nothing”

Flies are attracted to the strongest scent in the area and it may be that you have some very ripe fruit which is overpowering the eek-o bait. Try putting away any really ripe fruit, which will then allow eek-o to get noticed.

“… Still nothing”

Your flies may be conditioned to look for a particular fruit. Bananas are a good catch all, but if the flies in your area have a one track mind they may only be looking only for a local fruit. Instead of a banana, try using the fruit you already have that you can see the flies are drawn too. That, combined with putting the ripe fruit away for a few hours, will allow eek-o to  better do its job.

Is eek-o recyclable?

Please don’t throw eek-o in the rubbish. Recycle!

We have designed eek-o to be fully recyclable. In fact you can toss the whole thing into your recycling bin once you are done with it. eek-o is made from plastic type “PET” which is recycling code No.1.

So don’t send your eek-o to the landfill. Recycle it so it can go on to make more eek-os and other great sustainable plastic products.

How should I prepare eek-o for a second use?

Reuse is one of the great things about eek-o. You can use is one, two, three times; sometimes more, which makes eek-o one of the least expensive fruit fly control options on the market. We want you to get the most use possible from your eek-o so please be careful that you do not damage it while washing.

1. If your eek-o contains live bugs, dispose of them following one of the following methods: catch and release, water dunking or the big freeze (see the next section for more details on the three disposal methods).

2. With the bugs gone or recently demised, rinse the bait out of eek-o and gently wash with liquid dish soap and water. Dry with a soft towel or set aside to air dry.

3. Now prepare another portion of fresh fruit mixed with eek-o’s bait activator powder; or another bait that you prefer. Snap eek-o back together and you ready to collect your next load on tiny uninvited house guests.

How can I wash eek-o to use it again?

Reuse is one of the great things about eek-o. You can use is one, two, three times; sometimes more, which makes eek-o one of the least expensive fruit fly control options on the market. We want you to get the most use possible from your eek-o so please be careful that you do not damage it while washing.

First, never put eek-o in the dishwasher. It is not made to withstand the heat of a dish washing cycle. And even when you wash it by hand, use only lukewarm water. If you wash it with water that is too hot the parts will warp causing them to not fit well together. And that opens up routes of escape for your fruit flies. And nobody wants that! Once you have them trapped you don’t want them getting out again.

It worked! Now how do I get rid of the bugs I caught?

We designed eek-o to accommodate a variety of philosophical approaches. The standard approach to the disposal of unwanted bugs is “kill the buggars!” To each their own, but we at eek-o would like all our customers, including those with more gentle leanings, to have a great experience, all the way from capture to removal.

That’s why we designed eek-o to be easily opened and re-closed. It enables multi users to save you money by getting several loads of bugs captured with one eek-o. But more importantly to some, it makes it possible to practice the “catch and release” method for getting rid of your unwanted bugs.

1 Catch and Release:

Once your eek-o has done its job, take it 100 yards or more from your home and pop it open. You will find that the occupants are very anxious to leave and flee immediately.

There is no danger of any lingering on you or even nearby. That’s the last you will see of them. It is very unlikely that they will ever find their way back to your home. There are too many other tasty options in the vicinity to distract them.

Fruit flies are part of the food chain. So by putting healthy, non-toxic, mischievous bugs back into the outdoors you are helping keep nature in balance.

2 Water Dunking

If you prefer to terminate your problem quickly, hold eek-o under the tap until it is about quarter full. Hold it securely so the two halves don’t come apart and shake vigorously until everything inside is waterlogged. In the sink, pop it open and wash the contents down the drain.

The last step, and this is very important, is to run some hot water down the drain. If the conditions are right fruit flies can quit happily breed in your drain, but with a good wash down with hot water, they won’t stick around.

3 The Big Freeze.

To reuse your eek-o, or if you are throwing into recycling and want to make sure no bugs escape in the process, the big freeze method is easy and effortless

Simply place your eek-o in the freezer for about 20 min. In that time all your bugs will have gently expired, never to buzz about, land in your wine or cause havoc in your house again.

Remember, When you are ready to throw eek-o away never put in the rubbish, always in recycling.

How often should I change my eek-o?

If you are using a fresh fruit bait with eek-o’s activator powder you should change your eek-o at least once a week. Either recycle the old and put out a new one or clean out the old one and prepare a new bait to put in it.

Why seven days? The reason is that the life cycle of a fruit fly is about seven days, so after a week you may find that another crop of flies are appearing. Of course they will already be captured and out of your way, but since the fruit bait is all natural and subject to decay, it will tend to get a bit messy if you leave it too long.

Even if you are using another bait, like vinegar, beer or wine, it’s probably a good idea to freshen up your eek-o on a regular basis. Just like changing the sheets, a week is a pretty good way to mark the time to do it.

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