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Liquid: Apple Cider Vinegar

Our kitchen fruit fly trap is designed for multi-bait usage. The same bait just doesn’t work for everyone. So our design accommodates any baiting system for maximum fruit fly capture rates no matter where you live.

If ripe fruit is not achieving good capture rates or if you don’t have any on hand apple cider vinegar is a great option to try.

Vinegar is a byproduct of fermentation and fruit flies have a nose for anything that’s ripe, fermenting or turning to alcohol. Apple cider vinegar is in large part composed of acidic acid and it is thought that fruit flies seek out acidic acid because it is a sign of something juicy and sweet for them to feed on and lay eggs. That’s why Apple cider vinegar has traditionally been an effective fruit fly lure.

The Recipe

It is super easy to make. Remove both clear plastic parts of your eek-o fruit fly trap and place them in recycling. Half fill the base of your trap with apple cider vinegar. Add a drop of dish soap. Snap the lid on your trap and place it where fruit flies are a problem.

That’s all there is to it! In half a day or so your trap will be collecting all those pesky fruit flies and have them out of your way for good!


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