Press: Design Studio MARKNADEN Develops Pest Control Brand
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New Brand eek-o Developed by Design Studio MARKNADEN

Design studio MARKNADEN works with business to develop three-dimensional brand components in the form of consumer products, architecture, exhibitions, and packaging.

Designer Mark Naden and his studio, drawing on their strong, collaborative relationships with creative groups, has consistently developed high-value products and spatial components for companies, generating multi-million dollar profits and high-value, positive customer brand perception and loyalty.

With products such as OXO’s Uplift teakettle, Mark delivers the kind of simplicity and classic, enduring style that customers love. But Mark’s work is not only beloved by customers, it has been recognized by some of the great museums of the world. OXO’s Uplift kettle is part of the permanent design collection of the renowned Brooklyn Museum. And his Topos chair for Italian furniture manufacturer Malofancon is part of the permanent collections of both the SFMoMA and the Pinakothek der Moderne museum in Munich, Germany.

eek-o is MARKNADEN’s first in-house brand and product development project. Says Mark, “At the root of our work for clients has always been the development of simple solutions directly related to core functional needs, but up until now, the “functional needs” part has always been driven by our clients. Developing a brand and product line in-house from the ground up has been a great learning experience. It has taught us a lot about product development from the client’s perspective, knowledge that we are already incorporating into new in-house brand projects, and into our ongoing work for clients.”

Also, part of the eek-o development team were MARKNADEN collaborators, The Studio, the Stockholm-based branding and communication design agency. And heading up product engineering and manufacturing supervision was New York-based product engineer Boris Kontorovich. Brand imagery was produced for eek-o by Vienna-based photographer Robert Staudinger.

Click on images below for immediate download of high-resolution photography.

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