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Design Studio MARKNADEN launches a new environmentally friendly pest control brand, with its debut product targeted at one of the most annoying of household pests, fruit flies. Identifying a gap in the market for modern, well-designed, and environmentally friendly pest control products, designer Mark Naden and his team set about to create a new brand to guide the development of a series of products to improve customers’ interactions with household pests. The brand name “eek-o”...

Design studio MARKNADEN works with business to develop three-dimensional brand components in the form of consumer products, architecture, exhibitions, and packaging. Designer Mark Naden and his studio, drawing on their strong, collaborative relationships with creative groups, has consistently developed high-value products and spatial components for companies, generating multi-million dollar profits and high-value, positive customer brand perception and loyalty. With products such as OXO’s Uplift teakettle, Mark delivers the kind of simplicity and...

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